Ascension Healing is unique in the amount of healing energy that is channeled and the deep healing that takes place. It is a form of energy medicine that I developed intuitively and have had amazing results with. 

Energy medicine is energetic or informational interaction with the body to bring back homeostasis, or a condition of balance. Focusing on the subtle energy system, blockages are removed and the client's energy is positively charged resulting in personal physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being.

"Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down."

- Donna Eden

With energy medicine therapy, your energies are balanced, resulting in balance of your body's chemistry, regulation of your hormones, improved overall feeling of wellness, and improved clarity of thought.

With Ascension Healing, old, stuck emotional energy and negative thought patterns are cleared, resulting in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. In addition, Ascension Healing brings in an infusion of light, which raises our vibrations, helps us in our path of enlightenment and accelerates the ascension process, making us ready for the changes that are happening on this earth.

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Rising Star Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Sound Therapy Practitioner, and have had some training in polarity therapy, reflexology, and cranial sacral. 


Much experience in my work has been quite profound. Everything from tendonitis to Barrett's Esophagus, to hypothyroid have healed. It is common to see back pain, headaches, and other acute conditions cleared up in just one session. Chronic illnesses can sometimes take several treatments, but not always. 

"Karen is a gifted healer and massage therapist. There are very few people who can harness energy to truly alter health conditions - Karen is one of those people. After a one-hour energy healing session, I had significant improvement in my lower back pain and an incredible sense of calm and well-being. Two days later, I am still free of back pain and feel great. Karen has a spiritual connection that goes beyond explanation. Make an appointment with will be glad you did."          

                                                                                - Christine Brandt

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