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If you suffer from one or more of the 80 different forms of autoimmune disease, you've probably been told that there is no cure, and the only relief from symptoms is with pharmaceutical drugs. You've been lied to! It isn't true. 

Most forms of autoimmune disease, as well as many digestive issues, are caused from leaky gut syndrome which happens when an overabundance of the “bad” bacteria in your digestive system causes the lining of the intestines to become more permeable. When that happens, the bad bacteria, along with undigested proteins, leak out into the body’s bloodstream. This causes the body’s immune system to fight what it perceives as invaders by creating inflammation and antibodies.

Leaky gut syndrome is not a diagnosis that doctors make. It’s not even taught in medical school as a diagnostic condition. However, it has been studied and proven to be a legitimate condition for a large majority of our population. Over time, if not healed, leaky gut syndrome can cause symptoms that become a diagnosis for an autoimmune disease such as lupus, Hashimoto’s disease, or type 1 diabetes.

In addition to inflammation and antibody production, another defense mechanism that the body uses is the creation of mucus in the intestines. Mucus creates a barrier for certain digestive enzymes to be released. These enzymes are needed to break apart the saccharide molecules of carbohydrates. Without the enzymes, the molecules remain attached and do not get digested. They then become food for the bacteria, thus increasing the colony.

In order to heal your leaky gut, you need to kill off the bad bacteria. You can do this by including some important foods, and eliminating others. My book, Heal Yourself Deliciously, tells you exactly how to do that. You will learn how leaky gut happens, why it happens, and what you can do to help your body heal. You will also learn strategies to succeed, and you will get nearly 100 recipes that include delicious meals, snacks, desserts, beverages, sauces and dressings. It doesn't get much easier than this. 

Changing your diet and lifestyle isn't easy, especially when you have an overabundance of the bad bacteria that thrives off of sugar and certain carbohydrates. Do you have cravings for sweets and carbs such as bread and pasta? That may be because you have built up a large colony of bacteria that don't belong in your body. According to famous microbiologist, Compton Rombada, 90% of our cells are bacteria. They have a major impact on our health. The problem that we have in modern day diets is that we consume foods with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical additives, which creates an internal environment of bacteria that is unnatural for our bodies. These bacteria multiply, and the good bacteria that our bodies need get depleted. We need to change the internal environment of our digestive systems in order to heal. By changing your diet, avoiding toxins, and increasing physical activity, you can start to eliminate the bad bacteria and increase the good bacteria. 

Doing this can be complicated and difficult to do, especially if you are in a major flare up. With ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, a flareup means constant diarrhea, pain, urgency to go, energy depletion, anxiety and depression. People with these diseases should avoid sugar, grains and starchy foods; however, when a flareup is occurring, these seem to be the only foods that their bodies can tolerate. The only real solution is to eat only bone broth and cooked, organic vegetables. Bone broth has healing properties, such as glutamine, that contribute to healing the lining of the intestines. Vegetables need to be fully cooked for easier digestion, and are necessary for the nutritional content they provide. Meat, nuts, and fresh produce are too difficult to digest when a person is in a flareup, but when the body is in a better, healthier state, these foods are helpful in supporting the immune system. Processed food, bread, pasta and starchy food support the growth of bad bacteria and should be avoided.

Eating fresh, organic food requires time to prepare and cook meals. Working full-time, raising kids, and other activities in your life can make it very difficult to find the time. I know this because I've done it. I found ways to make it work, and I wrote the book to help others find a way to make it work for themselves. 

Even, or especially, for those people who don't have a serious disease, but suffer from bloating, constipation, acid reflux, or other "minor" digestive issues, will notice a difference in how they feel within just a few weeks following the LIG (Low Inflammatory and Glycemic) diet that is outlined in the book. Once you realize that what you eat directly impacts how you feel, your motivation will increase. If you fall off the wagon, don't berate yourself, just get back on and keep on trying. 

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