The Holistic Approach

We all go through times of physical and emotional pain, but we don't always know what to do about it. If your back hurts, you probably need a clinical massage. If you've had chronic back pain for several years, you may also need to clear out or heal old negative energies and cellular memories through Bhakti Healing. When you feel stuck in life and unable to move forward, a different perspective, deeper analysis of yourself, and outside guidance can help you in the form of Bhakti Regression or the Bhakti Navigation Package. Sometimes we need all three... for body, mind and spirit!

Massage With Real Therapeutic Benefits

With a mix of overall relaxing and enjoyable massage techniques, I use targeted tissue release techniques to focus on specific areas of unhealthy tissue, including muscles, tendons and fascia. The techniques I use involve manipulation of soft tissue with the ability to treat specific conditions or diagnoses providing a therapeutic outcome. Benefits include reduction or elimination of muscle and joint pain, better sleep, more energy, and elevated mood. It is extremely beneficial for conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, etc. 

Using advanced palpation techniques, I can find the source of your pain and discomfort (which can sometimes be in a completely different location than where you feel the pain). Using specific techniques that target certain tissues, I am able to smooth the tissue and release the tension in your joints and muscles. When applicable, and with the client's consent, I will also include cupping therapy to help with very dense and tight tissue. 

Newer clients often come to me after seeing doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and other massage therapists, having received little to no relief. In most cases, after just one treatment, I am able to give my clients immediate pain relief. 

Once you are no longer experiencing pain, it is recommended that you have regular monthly treatments to ensure your continued tissue health, and to aid in relaxation and stress relief. 

Back Massage
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Bhakti Healing, an Advanced Bioenergy Therapy for Deep Healing

Bhakti Healing is a compilation of my training, experience and intuition in bioenergy-based healing. Its foundation is in Reiki, but it also uses several other modalities and additional techniques that I intuitively developed over the years. 

Some of the techniques that I developed are completely unique, but others that I have developed, I learned later, are also found in other modalities such as quantum touch, pranic healing and sound healing. 

The word, Bhakti, is Sanskrit and means selfless devotion that leads one to self-realization and roots out sorrow, illusion and fear. It works in the various layers of the human energy field and removes or transmutes negative energy and shifts vibrational rates to the exact frequency necessary to bring health and wellness in body, mind and spirit. 


Much experience in my work has been quite profound. Everything from tendonitis to Barrett's Esophagus, to hypothyroid have healed. It is common to see back pain, headaches, and other acute conditions cleared up in just one session. Chronic illnesses will usually take several treatments, but not always. 

This is a wonderful in-person treatment that can be combined with massage or it can be a stand alone treatment. It can also be done remotely and can be just as effective when done from a distance. 


Bhakti Regression

When the past affects the present

Do you or someone you know experience unexplained pain or other symptoms, have a difficult relationship with a key person in your life, or have a phobia that is negatively affecting your life? Have you tried everything else, and nothing is working? All is not lost! Bhakti Regression is the most effective treatment I know of that can heal all of these issues. It's similar to hypnosis, but different: with hypnosis, you often relive the pain, but with Bhakti Regression, you are just the observer. 

Bhakti Regression is used to help people heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also helps heal relationships and changes negative thought patterns. Typically, with Bhakti Regression, you will be guided into a past life event that was triggered at some point in your current lifetime, causing physical pain, anxiety, depression or difficult relationships. As your spiritual and healing navigator and guide, I help you to enter that lifetime in your mind’s eye, see the events unfolding, and heal the residual effects of those events. I do not see it for you. You see it for yourself.


Once you become aware of a particular lifetime and event, it helps you to understand how it has impacted your current lifetime, which allows you to then release it. Oftentimes, forgiveness is required to fully release it, and in that case, you are guided through a forgiveness process.


It has been my experience that just one Bhakti Regression treatment is typically all that is needed when an issue is caused by a past life memory. Past life memories are stored in your aura, as well as the cells of your body. Trauma from your current lifetime can often trigger these memories within your cells, causing physical pain, discomfort and/or illness. Sometimes karma from past life relationships is carried through to this lifetime, and a Bhakti Regression treatment can break that karma, allowing the relationship to heal.


“After no success with doctors or other alternative healing methods, that one regression session removed the pain that I had been experiencing for most of my adult life, and 5 years later, it’s still gone.” - Julie R


Be prepared for your appointment by having a clear understanding of what the issue is, and be ready to share that with me. The more I know, the better I am able to help. Everything is always confidential, and I never share your personal information with anyone. 


Bhakti Navigation Package

As your spiritual and healing navigator and guide, I offer Bhakti Healing along with spiritual counseling / guidance / coaching and a customized guided meditation recording for you that is specific to your situation as part of the Bhakti Navigation Package.


Having received a bachelor’s degree in divinity and metaphysical sciences in 2012, along with a certificate in life coaching in 2020, I am able to use my education and skills to help you see a broader perspective of your situation and develop real life solutions. I also have experienced some difficult life situations that I've overcome such as having Hodgkin's lymphoma three times and undergoing chemo each time, along with radiation and a stem cell transplant. I've lost several loved ones, and I've had financial troubles and had to start over again a couple of times in my life. These experiences taught me some valuable coping skills and a deeper understanding about the effects and the purpose of the various challenges that we all face in life.


The guided meditation is then created specific to your situation so that you can use it as often as needed. It is an excellent tool to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, and how best to manage it.


During your Bhakti Healing treatment we discuss what’s happening in your life that may be contributing to whatever your situation is. As we talk about things, I am helping you to energetically release negative energies, emotions, and thought patterns with Bhakti Healing. Talking about your situation helps you to release negative energy much easier than when you hold it inside. Within 72 hours of your session, I will create and record a guided meditation based on what we uncover during the navigation session, and send you a link.


“I listen to the meditation every day. It’s been super helpful, especially because it’s tailored so specifically to what’s going on in my life.” -Sue Q.


You will need to be prepared for your appointment by being clear on what the issue is and be ready to share it with me. Your personal life is confidential with me, and I will never share anything you tell me, except as perhaps part of a story to help my students, but will never use your name.

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