Learn Bhakti

Developed over 2 decades, Bhakti Healing is a very comprehensive healing modality that goes beyond Reiki and other healing techniques

Though I've been teaching Reiki for over a decade, I was guided more recently to quit teaching Reiki and to teach my method of healing that I call Bhakti Healing. Bhakti Healing incorporates some aspects of Reiki, along with some other healing techniques, and has some very unique properties that are extremely beneficial to both the healer and the recipient. 

I have developed an online series of training courses that are now available at HealnProsper.com. If you're new to energy-based healing, start with Bhakti Basics, and continue through each level, as each one builds on the previous one. You can also purchase all levels at once instead of one at a time in order to save money. If you're a Reiki Master and want to enhance and improve your current practice, you can take Advanced Bhakti Healing for Reiki Masters

Learn more about the Bhakti Healing courses here

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