We use the Biomat, a far infrared and negative ion technology, which not only helps your body to release toxins, it provides a number of benefits, and is effective for musculoskeletal pain relief, muscle spasms, stress, fatigue, immune system support, and inflammation...Read more

Targeted Tissue Release

Targeted Tissue Release focuses in on specific areas of unhealthy tissue, including muscles, tendons and fascia. It involves manipulation of soft tissue with the ability to treat specific conditions or diagnoses providing a therapeutic outcome. Benefits include reduction or elimination of muscle and joint pain, and is extremely beneficial for conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, etc. ...Read more

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is gentle, relaxing, and can be tailored to your specific needs. It is a relaxing full-body massage that provides benefits such as stress relief, increased circulation, improved lymphatic system, it works to increase the elasticity in the tissues, and provides for better flexibility. ...Read more


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of Chinese medicine using special cups for suction on the tissue. Benefits include help with pain, inflammation, circulation, and relaxation. It is a very effective adjunct treatment to use with massage for treatment of trigger points, or knots, in the muscle and connective tissues...Read more


Reiki and Ascension Healing

Ascension Healing and Reiki are forms of energy medicine and are energetic or informational interaction with the body to bring back homeostasis, or a condition of balance. Focusing on the subtle energy system, blockages are removed and the client's energy is positively charged resulting in personal physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being...Read more ...

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