Karen Kraft, LMT, RMT

My personal experience as a three time cancer survivor and mother of a child with ulcerative colitis gave me the drive to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. My natural nurturing qualities and desire to help others give me the passion needed to use my knowledge and skills to help my clients heal on all levels. 

Before I go into my credentials, I want you to know that first and foremost, I am here to help people heal and grow. I am more concerned with your well-being than anything else. I spent 12 years in the nonprofit world helping people with disabilities, and now, as a massage therapist and energy healer, my focus is on helping people to heal on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


I am a licensed massage therapist, certified transformational nutritional coach, Rising Star practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher. I used my training in nutrition to write a book called, "Heal Yourself Deliciously" which is focused mainly on helping people with digestive issues and autoimmune type symptoms. I wrote the book out of my desire to help my own daughter overcome ulcerative colitis. Although I have a lot of passion about nutrition and its effects on our bodies, I am not currently offering nutritional consultations. Instead, I offer free advice when concerns come up during appointments for other treatments. 

As a massage therapist, I have an uncanny ability to quickly find exactly what is causing my clients' pain, and am able to greatly reduce or eliminate that pain altogether using various massage, cupping and bioenergy techniques. I developed a method that quickly finds the source of your pain, and through gentle pressure, typically reduces and eventually eliminates your pain altogether. 

I intuitively developed Bhakti Healing after my own emotional and energetic breakthroughs. Bhakti Healing is one of the most powerful energy medicines that I have ever encountered. It works at the cellular level, providing profound changes. It raises your vibration and provides healing in body, mind and spirit. I am now teaching Bhakti Healing to others. Call or text me at 517-974-5338 or send an email through the contact page if you are interested.

“Karen is a sincere and caring person. Her intuitive nature allows her to understand issues her clients are dealing with before they're even aware of exactly what's going on. After reiki treatments with Karen, I have experienced tranquility on such a deep level, that I felt as though I was floating, and any heavy heartedness I may have been having before I saw her would be totally gone. It's awesome and amazing!!!!.”


  - Iman A., Phoenix

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