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In-Person and Remote Services for Your Health and Well-Being

Karen Kraft

I love my job! Helping others to heal on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Well, except maybe having my two amazing daughters. They are my greatest gift. 


I was introduced to Reiki in 2000, learned and practiced for three years, and became a Reiki Master in 2003. I felt a natural urge at times to do massage while giving a Reiki treatment, so I attended massage school in 2004. Always wanting to learn and grow, I received a non-traditional bachelor's degree in metaphysical sciences and divinity in 2012, became a certified nutrition coach in 2017, and a certified life coach in 2020. 


Life hasn't always been easy for me though. I've lost many people that I love. I had Hodkin's Lymphoma three times and was treated with chemotherapy each time, as well as radiation once and a stem cell transplant the last time. I've been cancer free since 2011. 


I've also experienced some difficult financial situations and had to start over a couple of times. I divorced the father of my children whom I had been married to for 17 years. Though we are great friends now, it took many years to heal from that. 


Combining my education, skills, and life experiences, I am well equipped to help others. I've learned excellent coping skills and have a deep understanding of the purpose and benefits of going through life's challenges. 

It is my goal to help as many people as possible. When I provide massage services I often include suggestions for self massage, stretching, diet changes, exercise recommendations, or recommendations for treatment from other professionals. My techniques are centered around correcting the affected tissue that is causing you pain or discomfort. I expect you to leave feeling much better than when you arrived. 

Bhakti Healing, my unique blend of various healing techniques, can be done in-person or remotely. I discovered synergistic pockets that I utilize for the most effective healing experience possible. I also incorporate other techniques such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, and sound healing. With that, I also offer Bhakti Regression and the Bhakti Navigation Package, which you can learn more about on the Services page


We can discuss your needs in advance to determine which services would help you the most. I look forward to helping you with your unique situation!

Alyssa Clark

Massage therapy is a path I was always interested in exploring. The connection between mind, body and soul is an important focus in my personal life, and I wanted to share that with others. I spent several years in social services hoping to connect with people during their time of healing, but it never felt like the right fit for me. I realized that massage therapy was my true calling, and finally returned to the idea of pursuing massage therapy as a career. I graduated from Health Enrichment Center in 2021.


Massage has given me the platform to problem solve, and the outlet to be creative in finding a solution. Some techniques I find especially useful are cupping, muscle energy techniques, and targeting trigger points. Being able to use these tools to provide relief and healing for my clients is what fuels my passion for massage and I look forward to sharing that with you. 

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